Vintage Madness @ Vintage Post!

A lot of us are fans of vintage things, so it’s not at all surprising how vintage-inspired items arise from just about anywhere. Because of this, I had the idea of putting up a shop I’d like to call, Vintage Post.

Here is a run through of what I currently have. These are all on-hand items and is ready to ship anywhere ’round the world.


Wallet Pads @ 95php (2.2USD)

Enclosed in a hardbound cover sealed with a garter. This includes a green or white notepad beside the expandable organizer. This is roughly 6 x 8 inches and can fit a lot of mobile phones for safekeeping. Who would be guessing you’re keeping your phone in a seemingly notebook?




Wrapping Paper Books @ 150php (3.3USD)

This is as what it’s name is, a collection of designs for wrapping your gifts and trinkets. It consists of 8 different designs at 2 pieces 12 x 18 inches of paper folded in half. We have a lot of designs for this, do stay tuned in our Facebook Page.



Tri-fold Sticky Notes (set of 4) @ 160php (3.5USD)

A set of sticky notes based on locations in Europe. It’s filled with sticky notes in the same theme. Each is roughly around 2.5 x 3.5 inches.  We have a lot of designs for this, do stay tuned in our Facebook Page.


DSC_9516 DSC_9513


Magnet Notepad @ 160php (3.5USD)

Roughly 3.5 x 6 x 0.5 in dimension. This notepad is enclosed in a hard case that seals via magnet. It has two notepads of different width, and a notebook. It looks neat as travel buddy. We have a lot of designs for this, do stay tuned in our Facebook Page.

DSC_9530 DSC_9531



Mini Notepads @ 65php (1.4USD)

Notepads enclosed via magnet in a envelope shape pack. This is roughly 4 x 3 x 0.3 inches in dimension.




We give discounts to wholesale/ bulk orders and we are very open for resellers!

Vintage Post ships nationwide via Fastrack, and DHL worldwide. Feel free to suggest another courier if you find them more comfortable. Shipping is not yet included in the charges and may differ for different locations.

Payment terms are as follows:

Unionbank savings deposit (preferred)



We also do meet-ups in selected locations with a minimal handling/transportation fee.

We are best contacted on our Facebook Page or you can send your orders via e-mail at We will try our best to get back to you immediately!


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