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21st birthday handmade cards

While others prefer occasions to be flag-waving joyous occasion with 150 attendees, 5-course Valentine’s meal, three-tier wedding anniversary cake, others prefer small, discreet dinner out with close relatives, or receiving a simple but good 21st birthday handmade cards for that slight touch of ‘”personal” from a dear friend or a relative.

A count of one, two, three, to ten, to eighteen, to twenty-one sounds ridiculous. But hitting the twenty first, besides a single two, and a one, what does it have that the other numbers don’t? It’s as if reaching this number connotes a very important detail in one’s life. The 21st seem to hold that much value all around the world that it’s almost as greatly celebrated as an 80th birthday, or a 50th wedding anniversary.

But with all those aside, we can understand how a first or an 80th birthday is important, but why 21?

At one point in history, 21 was the age when one could vote, given the keys to the house, make own decisions, or marry without parental consent. Women can move out of her parent’s home without a law to hold her back. Above all is being able to legally drink alcohol. It is the “coming of age” where the 21st birthday symbolizes how a person is becoming an adult and it’s a huge step in one’s life as he is deemed someone who should make right and proper everyday decisions from there on.

Even in history, gifts are unnecessary, but a lot feel obliged to provide something to make someone feel indebted, or is worth a good laugh or tear-jerking moment 20 or 50 years from then. So a lot settle for something cheap but personalized like a 21st birthday handmade card as an ideal gift for a boy turning man, or a girl turning woman. But besides acting as an individual gift, 21st birthday handmade cards can also be something that would add as a personal touch to another gift. A dedication with it can provide an automatic sentimental value to a letter or a card.

Electronics and modernization prevents these physical cards, more so handmade ones that require attention to be as valuable as they were as far back as history permits. Internet can be lost, gadgets can be broken, but physical, handmade cards when kept properly, lasts more and values twice as much as electronically generated ones that come and go with a few mouse clicks.

What’s so good with handmade cards that stand out is that each one is handled with care and effort that makes the whole thing what it really is. When topped with the dedication of time of the maker shows the actual effort and not the ready-made material bought anywhere. Plus, you don’t need to spend so much like buying him or her some new console games or concert tickets that can be worth tons and end in just a short while with just an eye-candy memory in exchange. 21st birthday handmade cards provide a keep-worthy gift for throwback years after for your brother, sister, cousin, or close friend, when all the world seem easy enough to reach, but realize it’s a world too big for one lifetime when you reach your age almost reach its limit.

The unique touch provided in a 21st birthday handmade card is what makes it special. There is no card exactly the same with another, no matter how similar the details are. Its singularity, above all else can make a 21st birthday special.

We encounter problems that range from fitting in the schedule of buying a gift to a hectic timeline, to literally just choosing which one to get as the best present for someone. We wander around gift shops and malls, but despite seeing worthy gifts, is a very limited mass-produced products that usually cater to just what is common- mainstream, even. Why prevent yourself from getting the best unique deal for that special birthday and special celebrant with a one of a kind 21st birthday handmade card?

With handmade cards, elements range from pastel to neutral colors, vintage to modern designs, flat or embossed letterings, matte and glossy paper, serif to script fonts, surely, one would meet the 21st birthday celebrant’s favorite color, or material, or probably a combination of an unending list for your 21st birthday handmade card gift ideas.

These 21st birthday handmade card will surpass expectations of all types of people.

Besides, what could be better than receiving a handmade, personal, unique and affordable 21st birthday handmade card?


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