3D handmade cards

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3D handmade cards

In history, contrary to beliefs, 3D books or so-called pop-up books started with adults as their audience and not children who are currently targeted by marketing departments all over the world. Pull tabs, slide-type transformations, volvelles, pull-downs, pop-outs and many more that serve as birthday dedications, greeting cards that play music when opened, or letterings and fonts in three-dimension can be all part of the 3D handmade cards.

Many people with interests in crafts like scrapbooking and stamping can be blown away by three-dimensional art as it gives a different type of impact to the receiver compared to ordinary flat cards. It provides a different perspective and aligns it with what is readily available, from cutting knives, to recycled paper rooted with creative juices.

Greetings cards are old school, but incorporating three-dimensional art into what can be more personalized than how personalized they already are is something else. No matter how modern the technology is and further development of communication methods and virtual reality, efforts and time exerted can be taken as sign of care and love when it’s made with that unique personal hint by someone who can execute an idea well.

Our 3D handmade cards, gives just that umf factor. A different angle in what is perceived as an ordinary gift, or a final touch to actual gifts to anyone of any age can be spiced up into something even more appealing for appreciation and public exhibition as photos in Facebook and Instagram or your living room display cabinet for when you visit them.

What makes 3D handmade cards stand out from regular greeting cards is its ability to create 3d images through materials like paper products such as cardstocks and cardboards. With that being said, each part of the whole 3d picture needs to be carefully cut, etched, and planned out ahead for a satisfying output.

3D handmade cards are delicate in a very general sense as one mistake deems a necessary revision or compensation or worse a sad repeat from scratch. As these 3D handmade cards are, as the name implies, handmade, it takes time to make as effort is put in by the crafting artist on each one giving it a literal touch of personal and uniqueness as it upholds the creativity of an individual. Research, pattern, sketching, to cutting, slitting, etching and folding the paper as executing the whole design is the primary investment of anything handmade.

Creative juices and execution as part of the process is one of the most crucial but that’s what the whole 3D handmade card is all about and is what makes the whole card special- personal, and creative.

Your 10-year old nephew might like 3D cars, robots or an army of Lego characters, while a Valentine’s 3D handmade card for your boyfriend can be filled with script writing, a cupid, hearts and some balloons. Your best friend who loves One Direction would probably want to have her own mini concert grounds (with audience, even) with Harry Styles and everyone else from the band as a caricature “on stage”. For your grandmother’s 80th birthday, an actual cake with 80 candles would sound ridiculous, but a card with 80 3D candles is not so far from that. Plus, she can get to keep the card, but not the candles from the actual cake. The only limit is one’s imagination. Each card can be part of a subjective phase ideal for any gift or occasion.

Three-dimensional handmade cards are considered a neat gift as it can literally take you where you want to be. From buildings, flowers, letterings, people, objects, to even landscape views, 3D handmade cards create a lot of possibilities and bring creative work of art at hand all at the same time in one neatly folded piece of quality paper.

If you can’t bring your loved one to France, then take the Eiffel Tower to him or her. If writing a letter in Script is too mainstream, then have yourself a Script lettering in 3D. Hell, you can even make 3D portraits of your girlfriend inside a greeting card and it’ll be one of the most unique gifts ever. Opportunities are endless and so is creativity. With these kinds of ideas, 3D handmade cards might just be the very thing for the gift giver in you.

Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries personal celebrations or just a regular “Good Morning,” we cater a variety of 3D handmade cards for all types of occasions and greetings that are easily and readily available.


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