Anniversary handmade cards

Apart from my usual blog submissions, I have come to the point where I’m posting irrelevant topics due to an experience I had lately.

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anniversary handmade cards

Celebrating anniversary is a testament of your love for the years that went by. It’s the very sign that proves and makes us remember exactly what happened 1, 2, 3, 10, or even 50 years ago, and those moments are precisely why it should not be left uncelebrated. Thus, something that is worth those years is important among anything else.

Though anniversaries vary a lot and do not always mean wedding, the occasion is usually necessary for a day of remembrance. We have corporate anniversaries or maybe even friendship anniversaries and a lot more that any of us may think is necessary. No matter what the occasion is what is one day to reminisce from 365 days of one year or one anniversary handmade card for that, anyway?

A romantic candlelit dinner, a movie, a stroll in the mall or a night cruise at bay are the safest bet, we can’t deny that it’s the most commonly picked celebration as well. Something worth keeping years after that are not photographs or the memory itself is probably better in more ways than none.

Your co-worker celebrates her first anniversary in your company as her first job. Why not congratulate her with a job anniversary handmade card to make her feel appreciated? Perhaps she is well hard-working and is of great company to you and this card might just compliment how you feel for her.

You can also greet your parent’s with wedding anniversary handmade cards to remind them of their first day of meeting each other. Something that will certainly make your mom and dad remember their first date and their first and last wedding.

You can also give these anniversary handmade cards as another token of compassion for the year well spent. An addition to a cake, a bag, a pair of new shoes, a trip to Europe or just about anything can also work just as effectively without. Since each card is invested with effort, time, passion, creativity, it is more or less a guaranteed quality partnered with affordability. The best part is, it’s not limited to wedding anniversaries but also cater to different ages, occasions and even the littlest specifics in general.


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