SEX SEX SEX: Why this word gets your attention

So apparently, I did get your attention, that’s why you’re currently reading this, right? It always wondered me why people get distracted, or attention is immediately taken upon hearing words such as boobs, ass, and of course, sex. Just a heads up, this is a very opinionated article.

‘Sex’ in general can automatically get someone’s attention, like it did to you as a reader. This is probably because curiosity arises for things in which humans are by nature interested in, no matter what age, race, or sexual orientation implies.

Some might not know, but Maslow’s hierarchy of needs actually include sex as a basic physiological need, which is kind of ‘cool’ in the sense that you can have it as an excuse to your girlfriend or wife for like, every day.. or not.. Anyway, to sum things up, besides the fact that it is essential, well, it is a very satisfying feeling, isn’t it? I believe that’s why terms like Friends with Benefits, no strings attached and FuBu or Fuck Buddies were invented and practiced after all.

Besides those aforementioned, I just can’t find any conclusion as to why this word heeds more attention than other more important things like economics, religion, and politics affecting our countries inconspicuously but drastically. Sex is a very broad topic but is very much closeted into a limited explanation as well. Besides Sigmund Freud’s theory relating our libidos to personality development and driving force of our behaviors, basically it just means either love, reproduction, or the feeling and relief it brings to a person, simple as that. So why of all words, this?

Sex as love. Love as a feeling. With a very obvious explanation, for very conservative women, they rather call sex as ‘love-making’ where you do it out of your Oxytocin.

Sex as reproduction. For multiplying as the word implies. Used as a tool of spreading your genes to another generation.

Sex as a feeling. Because it feels nice, comforting, fun and all those other words you can think of.

Sex as a relief. For your boners, wet V’s to minister your arousing horniness.

Basically in a subjective tone, the word grabs your attention because of curiosity where you can come out of your comfort zone without being judged and redefine it as to how others see it. Their perspective as much as this post of mine may not really influence you or affect you but even negate your own opinion of it, but the thought of it lingers through your mind and will continue to grab your attention to further increase your curiosity upon.

This article was first published in Bubblews, but I decided I would not further my adventure there. So I’m posting it here now.


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