I’m Azelle Lee, an asocial and opinionated graduate of Fine Arts in Advertising Arts. I own a small online boutique, write, do design with the perks of it all being at home after realizing waking up early and spending 8 long hours on a full time job is not my thing.

My professional services can be better appreciated by visiting the360art.com while you can also visit and hopefully like the Facebook page I created for it here.

My Story

I was in first year college when I first started my online boutique, Alshain Coser. Yes, it had its ups and downs then just like any other business, but I learned things with the best teacher- experience.

Second year, I felt the need to add some spice on my CV. So I joined extra-curricular activities where I landed in a local Anime organization as an event marshall and a published contributing writer. After being encouraged and slightly forced to take an exam ASAP by my now best friend, I joined our university paper. I spent my third year as a press writer while being a full time student.

I took my internship as a photographer in an independent film production then switched to being a graphic artist in a printing press production where I started my internship hours again from scratch. But that was worth it as they took me as a project-based freelancer up until this day. During my last year, I was promoted from writer to the Filipino Features Editor of our university paper. When I graduated, I joined yet another local Anime organization which publishes online content, FiCS magazine.

A few months after finally getting my hard-earned P350,000+, 4-year value onion paper, I took a full time job as a graphic artist in another printing press just near my place. After a few months of spending 10-hours a day and 6 days a week as the crucial final artist, I grew tired and resigned spontaneously. A friend then introduced me to the world of freelancing. I had my first project in less than a week, and I earned over $300 for a 5-day effort with it. That’s when I decided to finally stick to being a full time freelancer. I work disciplined… most of the time. But hell I beat deadlines and get to eat, chat, and take siestas whenever I want.

This is actually my personal “formal” blog since 2012, but I’m making it my actual site for the small audience I already have. Better start with something right.

You may feed my ego by liking my public Facebook account @ Azelle Lee.


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