Bucket List

I was once asked what I am good at. And honestly, it was idle for a good few seconds, leaving me actually thinking. TBH, I don’t consider myself good at anything, so I rather be able to know all sort, or at least a lot of things in exchange.

Then I thought, I am probably good at having an unending bucket list… it will help me know and experience a lot of stuff too. So that’s hitting two birds with one stone kind of thing.

Thought I’d share my list to people. It makes me add a little personality to my blog other than being judged with its color scheme.

BTW, since this is personal, some of you might find me a little (or a lot) weirder than expected. So brace yourself.


  1. A selfie with the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France and climb it
  2. Visit Niagara Falls in the United States
  3. Ride a boat through the city in Venice, Italy
  4. See Bangui Windmills and Vigan City in Ilocos, Philippines
  5. Visit Wawa Dam (completed in April 11, 2015) 11137876_1389821788008119_335923453_n
  6. Attend a cosplay convention in Tokyo, Japan
  7. See real cherry blossoms in Japan
  8. Spend 3 days (or more) somewhere far, alone
  9. Take my mom on a vacation somewhere out the country
  10. Ride a boat in The Underground River, Palawan, Philippines

Other things

  1. Take up Political Science
  2. Create a memory jar
  3. Be a bride’s maid
  4. Cover a wedding
  5. Ride a zip line (completed in 2015, Tagaytay, Philippines)zip
  6. Eat pasta in Italy
  7. Go to a floating lantern festival
  8. Ride a hot air balloon
  9. Befriend a European guy (met an Italian in 2010, a Brazilian in 2015, don’t ask how)
  10. Blow actual Dandelions
  11. Hug a furry dog bigger than me
  12. Publish a novel
  13. Lucid Dream (can’t remember, but I’ve already come to grasp how it’s done so I can repeat it anytime)
  14. Learn French
  15. Ride a horse
  16. Learn archery
  17. Experience shooting a real gun
  18. Own a PomSky
  19. Get married and have kids
  20. Dye my hair red
  21. See Aurora Borealis
  22. Have a date with a male celebrity
  23. Learn to drive a car
  24. Dance waltz in the tun e of Can I Have This Dance of High School Musical
  25. Use a fake name in Starbucks
  26. Do a color run
  27. Have a work published (completed in 2011, Otakuzine Anime Magazine)
  28. Buy a ball joint doll (completed in 2014)DSC_9608
  29. Do Fencing
  30. Have my hair permed
  31. Play snow ball fight
  32. Make a scrapbook for my baby
  33. Bake a cheesecake
  34. Have a traditional picnic with family
  35. Write a letter to my past self (completed in 2014)
  36. Get lost while on vacation.
  37. Sing a duet in a car with my husband. Much like this.

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