Searching for what to write about is a bad idea

Ironic, isn’t it? Writers are meant to express in the form of words, but creativity drought does not choose its victim. I’m positive writers both amateur and professional encounter this at some point in their life.

I’ve been earning from writing since way back second year high. But whenever I don’t have any clients to fancy with my word talk – even though at times the topics are actually shitty – at least I’m writing, earning and learning. I actually run out of ideas whenever I want to hit some traffic on my blog.

One common thing writers do is a quick Google search with article ideas or topics to write on; which is why there is an unending list of articles by different authors hoping to supply the answer. But honestly, with the several times I did that, I end up closing the search engine, and throw away the idea of writing when I was so motivated firsthand.

Just exactly why the title?

Writers are in fact relatable to each other. Topics pop up with no apparent reason at the most surprising moments and we don’t have a pen and paper at hand to scribble it on for remembering later. So why is having a list of numerous and creative topics not the best thing if half the job is already done?

It limits your opportunities to actually choose.

Despite at least one of those topics sparking an interest to you, you’ll probably end up overthinking on how to actually write it than the usual hands-on-keyboard (or pen) and it does the job for you. Looking at someone else’s idea will actually kill your own.

3 tips on knowing what to write about

Don’t worry; I’m not going to go against what I just said. I’m not providing any cheat sheet of topics but rather a guide to get your creativity going.

  1. Relax. If you’re thinking too much on what to actually write, you’ll end up being lazy because it’s taking too much effort. Drink a glass of water, it will help. Maybe you can think of something to write about the water, the glass, the cupboard or something. Who knows! We are writers, and creativity is endless.
  2. Change your location. Been blogging on your desk since forever? Why not try hitting the road to a coffee shop nearby? It might send in some new inspiration for the writer in you.
  3. Go out of your comfort zone. If you’ve been writing about pets, try something else. Divert your attention; you might realize you have a thing for flowers too! Or maybe you’re an inborn news writer or a gossip girl. Opportunities are endless. No matter what the topic is about, writing it is practice anyway.

Wrapping it up

Looking and searching for a topic to write about is way too common to be bugging a lot of writers. Explore and get out of your comfort zone. Set your imagination free and do with what you have. Eventually, topics will spring like a mushroom on any sunny day and the next thing you’ll be Google-searching is how to budget your time in writing because you have a lot of ideas piling up.

Need help overcoming one of the writer’s dilemmas? Read Dealing with Writer’s Block and Effective Way Not to Run Out of Ideas.


Baby cards handmade

Apart from my usual blog submissions, I have come to the point where I’m posting irrelevant topics due to an experience I had lately.

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Baby cards handmade

Pastel pink and blue, rubber ducks, cute dogs, cats, and elephant drawings, diapers, rattles and mobile hangers comes to one conclusion- babies. These adorable infants are to make their ways into the homes of newlyweds, or be given to any blessed couples.

“A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty,” is one of the many quotes that reached the World Wide Web. It just proves how babies come to homes and bring joy.

If you have a neighbor, a cousin or a friend who has an upcoming daughter or son in their home, it might be the best time to congratulate them by giving baby cards handmade for just that occasion.

These baby cards handmade to fit the celebration are provided with designs that fit a baby’s nature. Designs used are carefully selected, from colors, to textures, embellishments, fonts, selection of raw materials down to each detail. Each one is thoroughly planned and executed to provide a guaranteed quality product for satisfaction.

A congratulatory baby card handmade represents the effort, artistry, love, and the child itself as much as the effort needed for raising the baby. The card itself greets the parents, and in a few years to come upon the baby’s encounter of this gift will give himself a good smile as he recalls how behave or naughty he was back then.

A variety of cards suited for a baby of any gender and personality is what this baby card handmade of through the selection of necessary materials and the exertion of the effort by the craftsman to meet a quality standard. Any neighbor, cousin or friend will surely appreciate the effort of a gift that will symbolize and remind them of their child from his or her birth and as he or she grows through the years to come.

Anniversary handmade cards

Apart from my usual blog submissions, I have come to the point where I’m posting irrelevant topics due to an experience I had lately.

For details on that issue, you may read HERE.

anniversary handmade cards

Celebrating anniversary is a testament of your love for the years that went by. It’s the very sign that proves and makes us remember exactly what happened 1, 2, 3, 10, or even 50 years ago, and those moments are precisely why it should not be left uncelebrated. Thus, something that is worth those years is important among anything else.

Though anniversaries vary a lot and do not always mean wedding, the occasion is usually necessary for a day of remembrance. We have corporate anniversaries or maybe even friendship anniversaries and a lot more that any of us may think is necessary. No matter what the occasion is what is one day to reminisce from 365 days of one year or one anniversary handmade card for that, anyway?

A romantic candlelit dinner, a movie, a stroll in the mall or a night cruise at bay are the safest bet, we can’t deny that it’s the most commonly picked celebration as well. Something worth keeping years after that are not photographs or the memory itself is probably better in more ways than none.

Your co-worker celebrates her first anniversary in your company as her first job. Why not congratulate her with a job anniversary handmade card to make her feel appreciated? Perhaps she is well hard-working and is of great company to you and this card might just compliment how you feel for her.

You can also greet your parent’s with wedding anniversary handmade cards to remind them of their first day of meeting each other. Something that will certainly make your mom and dad remember their first date and their first and last wedding.

You can also give these anniversary handmade cards as another token of compassion for the year well spent. An addition to a cake, a bag, a pair of new shoes, a trip to Europe or just about anything can also work just as effectively without. Since each card is invested with effort, time, passion, creativity, it is more or less a guaranteed quality partnered with affordability. The best part is, it’s not limited to wedding anniversaries but also cater to different ages, occasions and even the littlest specifics in general.

Anniversary cards handmade

Apart from my usual blog submissions, I have come to the point where I’m posting irrelevant topics due to an experience I had lately.

For details on that issue, you may read HERE.

anniversary cards handmade

One of the most common questions asked in a lot of relationship is how to stay married for long and “never go to bed angry, make sure to work it out” is something I have read repeatedly on different resources. But I’m sure besides that, is a number of ways on how to keep yourselves in love and stay in a marriage, till death do you part.

The time comes that an upcoming anniversary is nearing and you’re currently contemplating what to get your partner as the date is closely approaching day by day. But like any other occasion, you’re in the midst of looking for a special gift to commemorate that duration and is finding it difficult to choose that perfect gift. But with those descriptions you think is necessary to deem a gift worth it, these anniversary cards handmade for your needs can do just that purpose is exactly what you need.

For the common example, we celebrate wedding marks of ourselves, or our parents and probably get traditional wedding anniversary materials to act as gifts specific for each year, china for 20th, ruby for 40th, diamond for 60th, and so on. But without those traditional items, what are the things that could act as neat anniversary gifts that will represent a couple and is not limited to a specific anniversary year?

Other than a gift unspecific for a year, something that is traditional, practical, sentimental, and worth keeping even after several years might just do the trick. Best example? Anniversary cards handmade for a specific occasion might just be the very thing fitted as that gift.

Each anniversary cards handmade are provided with unique designs and carefully handpicked materials to produce greetings best for each occasion. Everything is targeted as something that is affordable, worthy, singular and stands out, and is showered with artistic ensembles that will suit all types of anniversaries both little and small as a result of the final output.

3D handmade cards

Apart from my usual blog submissions, I have come to the point where I’m posting irrelevant topics due to an experience I had lately.

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3D handmade cards

In history, contrary to beliefs, 3D books or so-called pop-up books started with adults as their audience and not children who are currently targeted by marketing departments all over the world. Pull tabs, slide-type transformations, volvelles, pull-downs, pop-outs and many more that serve as birthday dedications, greeting cards that play music when opened, or letterings and fonts in three-dimension can be all part of the 3D handmade cards.

Many people with interests in crafts like scrapbooking and stamping can be blown away by three-dimensional art as it gives a different type of impact to the receiver compared to ordinary flat cards. It provides a different perspective and aligns it with what is readily available, from cutting knives, to recycled paper rooted with creative juices.

Greetings cards are old school, but incorporating three-dimensional art into what can be more personalized than how personalized they already are is something else. No matter how modern the technology is and further development of communication methods and virtual reality, efforts and time exerted can be taken as sign of care and love when it’s made with that unique personal hint by someone who can execute an idea well.

Our 3D handmade cards, gives just that umf factor. A different angle in what is perceived as an ordinary gift, or a final touch to actual gifts to anyone of any age can be spiced up into something even more appealing for appreciation and public exhibition as photos in Facebook and Instagram or your living room display cabinet for when you visit them.

What makes 3D handmade cards stand out from regular greeting cards is its ability to create 3d images through materials like paper products such as cardstocks and cardboards. With that being said, each part of the whole 3d picture needs to be carefully cut, etched, and planned out ahead for a satisfying output.

3D handmade cards are delicate in a very general sense as one mistake deems a necessary revision or compensation or worse a sad repeat from scratch. As these 3D handmade cards are, as the name implies, handmade, it takes time to make as effort is put in by the crafting artist on each one giving it a literal touch of personal and uniqueness as it upholds the creativity of an individual. Research, pattern, sketching, to cutting, slitting, etching and folding the paper as executing the whole design is the primary investment of anything handmade.

Creative juices and execution as part of the process is one of the most crucial but that’s what the whole 3D handmade card is all about and is what makes the whole card special- personal, and creative.

Your 10-year old nephew might like 3D cars, robots or an army of Lego characters, while a Valentine’s 3D handmade card for your boyfriend can be filled with script writing, a cupid, hearts and some balloons. Your best friend who loves One Direction would probably want to have her own mini concert grounds (with audience, even) with Harry Styles and everyone else from the band as a caricature “on stage”. For your grandmother’s 80th birthday, an actual cake with 80 candles would sound ridiculous, but a card with 80 3D candles is not so far from that. Plus, she can get to keep the card, but not the candles from the actual cake. The only limit is one’s imagination. Each card can be part of a subjective phase ideal for any gift or occasion.

Three-dimensional handmade cards are considered a neat gift as it can literally take you where you want to be. From buildings, flowers, letterings, people, objects, to even landscape views, 3D handmade cards create a lot of possibilities and bring creative work of art at hand all at the same time in one neatly folded piece of quality paper.

If you can’t bring your loved one to France, then take the Eiffel Tower to him or her. If writing a letter in Script is too mainstream, then have yourself a Script lettering in 3D. Hell, you can even make 3D portraits of your girlfriend inside a greeting card and it’ll be one of the most unique gifts ever. Opportunities are endless and so is creativity. With these kinds of ideas, 3D handmade cards might just be the very thing for the gift giver in you.

Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries personal celebrations or just a regular “Good Morning,” we cater a variety of 3D handmade cards for all types of occasions and greetings that are easily and readily available.

Apart from my usual blog submissions, I have come to the point where I’m posting irrelevant topics due to an experience I had lately.

For details on that issue, you may read HERE.

21st birthday handmade cards

While others prefer occasions to be flag-waving joyous occasion with 150 attendees, 5-course Valentine’s meal, three-tier wedding anniversary cake, others prefer small, discreet dinner out with close relatives, or receiving a simple but good 21st birthday handmade cards for that slight touch of ‘”personal” from a dear friend or a relative.

A count of one, two, three, to ten, to eighteen, to twenty-one sounds ridiculous. But hitting the twenty first, besides a single two, and a one, what does it have that the other numbers don’t? It’s as if reaching this number connotes a very important detail in one’s life. The 21st seem to hold that much value all around the world that it’s almost as greatly celebrated as an 80th birthday, or a 50th wedding anniversary.

But with all those aside, we can understand how a first or an 80th birthday is important, but why 21?

At one point in history, 21 was the age when one could vote, given the keys to the house, make own decisions, or marry without parental consent. Women can move out of her parent’s home without a law to hold her back. Above all is being able to legally drink alcohol. It is the “coming of age” where the 21st birthday symbolizes how a person is becoming an adult and it’s a huge step in one’s life as he is deemed someone who should make right and proper everyday decisions from there on.

Even in history, gifts are unnecessary, but a lot feel obliged to provide something to make someone feel indebted, or is worth a good laugh or tear-jerking moment 20 or 50 years from then. So a lot settle for something cheap but personalized like a 21st birthday handmade card as an ideal gift for a boy turning man, or a girl turning woman. But besides acting as an individual gift, 21st birthday handmade cards can also be something that would add as a personal touch to another gift. A dedication with it can provide an automatic sentimental value to a letter or a card.

Electronics and modernization prevents these physical cards, more so handmade ones that require attention to be as valuable as they were as far back as history permits. Internet can be lost, gadgets can be broken, but physical, handmade cards when kept properly, lasts more and values twice as much as electronically generated ones that come and go with a few mouse clicks.

What’s so good with handmade cards that stand out is that each one is handled with care and effort that makes the whole thing what it really is. When topped with the dedication of time of the maker shows the actual effort and not the ready-made material bought anywhere. Plus, you don’t need to spend so much like buying him or her some new console games or concert tickets that can be worth tons and end in just a short while with just an eye-candy memory in exchange. 21st birthday handmade cards provide a keep-worthy gift for throwback years after for your brother, sister, cousin, or close friend, when all the world seem easy enough to reach, but realize it’s a world too big for one lifetime when you reach your age almost reach its limit.

The unique touch provided in a 21st birthday handmade card is what makes it special. There is no card exactly the same with another, no matter how similar the details are. Its singularity, above all else can make a 21st birthday special.

We encounter problems that range from fitting in the schedule of buying a gift to a hectic timeline, to literally just choosing which one to get as the best present for someone. We wander around gift shops and malls, but despite seeing worthy gifts, is a very limited mass-produced products that usually cater to just what is common- mainstream, even. Why prevent yourself from getting the best unique deal for that special birthday and special celebrant with a one of a kind 21st birthday handmade card?

With handmade cards, elements range from pastel to neutral colors, vintage to modern designs, flat or embossed letterings, matte and glossy paper, serif to script fonts, surely, one would meet the 21st birthday celebrant’s favorite color, or material, or probably a combination of an unending list for your 21st birthday handmade card gift ideas.

These 21st birthday handmade card will surpass expectations of all types of people.

Besides, what could be better than receiving a handmade, personal, unique and affordable 21st birthday handmade card?